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Little or no equity

No equity? No problem!

UK Property Solutions have solutions to help with any situation.

If you own a property with little or no equity, selling it conventionally on the open market is not always possible. The price you could receive for your property will not be enough to pay off your debt/mortgage on the property; this is particularly true in the current market.

You might have considered just handing your keys back...but did you know that lenders could chase you for up to 12 years for any shortfalls on a distress sale?

If you need to sell because you can't afford your mortgage payments or you need to clear your debt then then we can offer you a solution.

Managed Option Purchase

Would it make things easier if this months mortgage payment could be paid by us? This is an option that may be available to customers with a negative or very little equity.

We can agree a fair price for your property today and exchange contracts quickly. At this point, we take over full responsibility for your property, allowing you to simply move on with your life.

We will then start paying your mortgage payment every month and at an agreed time in the future when the market recovers, we then aim to complete on the purchase and the property is fully transferred to us.

We have helped many people this way and it is proving to be an ever more popular solution in these uncertain times.