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property chain collapse

property chain collapse

What can you do if your property Chain is on the brink of collapse. The property chain is uncertain and unpredictable and the collapse of a chain can result in deep frustration and stress for all involved. Along with the added costs and legal fees that have been spent, it may prove somewhat burdensome and you may end up losing that dream home or deal.

A collapsed chain of buyers and sellers can have a devastating impact on the buyer of a property. A collapsed chain can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, one buyer in the chain might have been gazumped by the seller prior to contracts being exchanged.

Tips to avoid a collapsed chain

There are a few tips to avoid a collapsed chain. When selling a property, it is best to sell to a first time buyer. First time buyers are less likely to hold up a property sale, as they won't need to sell their property before they can move in. Ideally, one should find a buyer who is able to move in as soon as possible and who can afford to purchase the property.